Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy

Dsc Co., Ltd. Operates as an environmental-friendly company that strives to minimize the effects of the company’s activities, products, and services on the environment. We are fully responsible for any environmental problems we may possibly cause, pleasant and healthy environment together with all residents.

  • All employees minimize the environmental impact of their work.
  • We shall constantly hold various kinds of actinities to prevent environmental pollution and improve the environment.
  • We shall abide by the environmentally related laws and regulations and the control standards of our workplaces.
  • We shall minimize the induction of environmental pollution over all environmental components.
  • We shall cultivate our ability to manage our environments and remain aware of the importance of the environment through proper training.
  • We shall guarantee our environmental transparency by revealing our environmental policy to all interested parties

Environmental Goals

Establishing environment-friendly corporate culture
Energy usage
Zero environmental accidents