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CEO Greetings


Honorable customers of DSC and netizens,

Having developed as a substantial company amid various types of adversity and ordeals by converting risks into opportunities for the past 40 years, DSC is now entering the world market. We are taking it one step further to complete our long-term business goals. At DSC, we strive to be a progressive company that can quickly adapt to market changes, a systematic company whose work process is simple and effective, and a flexible company that never imposes conventions and stereotypes. We know what we must gain to effectively run a company. Our main goals are to secure the confidence of our customers, and to sustain efforts toward innovation.

Just as a caterpillar can only become a beautiful butterfly after leaving the cocoon, I realized a company should also pursue transformation-otherwise, the company can never compete on an international level. Aside from this, the trust and confidence of customers is the most precious asset to the company, even in this digital era. We promise that DSC will continuously develop into the most competitive leading global company.

Honorable customers and netizens, we proudly present to you our innovative products and technological power which symbolizes our hard work and efforts to provide you with comfort while driving or riding.

CEO of DSC Hee Oh Jo